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LY2NK foundation is the intermediator for organizations, investors, mentors and leaders who can plug into and facilitate growing capital investment for their cause and provides the resources to accomplish this. This foundation supports specific, measurable and sustainable solutions ranging from self reliance, community resistance, poverty reduction, education and more. These causes spread across 10 different complementing organizations to create lasting change on a global scale for generations to come.

1. Causes 2 Leaders
Our operations team engages with existing causes and initiatives that match our purpose. We then facilitate the leaders from within these relationships to better their organization and the
people they work with.

2. Leaders 2 Purpose
We identify exemplary individuals with a strong cause who match our purpose and engage them directly.

3. Purpose 2 Ripple
We enable these community leaders/organizations to better their communities by empowering them around our mutual core purposes.  This in turn enhances the lives of generations that will come after.  This is what we refer to as a ‘Ripple of Impact’.

4. Organizations 2 Causes
Our outreach team is in the business world generating relationships with various organizations and stakeholders to uncover and engage their leadership in regards to supporting our
formal purpose, and offering them cause(s) that they are proud to engage with and support.

5. Relationship 2 Investment
Our interpersonal relationships with the people on the ground is our strength.  This is true of our beneficiaries and of our financial supporters.

6. Experience 2 Impact
The strength of our board whose various backgrounds as teachers, physical education graduates, business leaders, corporate trainers, perma-culturist, and community developers,
helps us stay on track and ensures we are true to our purpose.

7. Cause 2 Accountability
We thoroughly vet and engage with each organization, requiring them to sign an agreement providing LY2NK with all necessary reporting. This is required for full transparency in order
to be accountable to the CRA, local tax offices and donors which in turn keeps us in compliance with our responsibilities as a foundation.

8. Investors 2 Experience
We aim to engage our donors directly and partner closely with them, so that they can experience the joys of a philanthropic, giving lifestyle, and personally see the significant difference
they are making in people’s lives.