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Our Impact

1. Outreach: Mastermind Group (Ongoing)
  a. The purpose is relationship building within the Philanthropic world
  b. Members since July 2018 - present
  c. Opportunity to engage and request financial backing for initiatives and supported programs from businesses and individuals with a high net worth.
  d. Ongoing scheduled quarterly meetings
  e. $1000 USD Donor-Raised

2. Outreach:  Speaking to Groups internationally on Entrepreneurship
Darren, our Outreach Officer has trained over 1 Million people in 48 different countries over the last 23 years. His relationship with the foundation means that he is able to
generate relationships with corporate businesses, entrepreneurs and those in the philanthropic realm.

3. Partnering with individuals and corporate organizations
A lot of our direct marketing occurs through Darren Jacklin of our outreach team, who is generating relationships whilst doing public speaking. We also connect with
business groups, and bring strong leaders together to solve problems giving us high-level exposure and relationship equity.  
  a. Elizabeth Riley USA
  b. Suzy Arriola USA
  c. Michelle Seiler Tucker USA
  d. Darren Jacklin Group of Companies
  e. ABC Legacy Mineral Resources
  f. RAWr Transformations